Although it feels more like winter, we are entering the period in the church calendar when we join with the international prayer movement ‘Thy Kingdom Come.’ You can read more about it in the attached ‘Church without Walls’ and I will be sharing how we at St Stephen’s will be engaging with this initiative this year on Sunday. The plan is that we won’t have an Ascension Day Service on Thursday 13th May, but will join with the online service from Blackburn Cathedral and you can find the link below. But we will be encouraging everyone to ‘Pray for 5’ during the 10 days and on Sunday will be handing out a card for you to write people’s names on and a leather band on which to tie five knots, as a reminder to pray. Steve Bell made a good suggestion in that as it coincides with Ramadan this year, why not make one of your ‘five’ a Muslim friend or even a Muslim local shop keeper, colleague or neighbour. If you are unable to come on Sunday, but would like a card and leather band to help you pray, please contact the church office.
On Sunday evening will be meeting ‘in person’ as we have a baptism and communion service. Please do come and support three of our young people as they get baptised (full immersion) and as they share their faith stories. There is still room and if the worship area is full, we can use the hall as it has a large screen. It will be an encouragement for those getting baptised to have people come and support them. Please book via the website or church office.
A reminder that we have our APCM on Sunday 23 May 2021 at 12 noon after the morning service. You will be able to book for this on the web site or via the church office. 

Ascension Day Service (Thursday 13 May, 2021) online from Blackburn Cathedral:

Look forward to joining together on Sunday!
With my love and prayers,
Rev Dave Hanson
Vicar Preston St Stephen